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Born: Chicago, Illinois                                                                                                             


Email:                             (mobile) 540-222-2465                             



1973 – Workshop, National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C.

1971 – M.F.A. (Painting), George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

1970 – The Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C.

1968 – B.F.A. (Painting), University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.



2007-      Adjunct Professor, Art, Lord Fairfax Community College, Warrenton, Va.

1996-       Art instructor, Fine Arts Department Chairperson, Middleburg Academy, Middleburg, Virginia.

1995-96 – Tech Ed instructor, Potomac High School, Dumfries, Va.

1979-90 –Drafting Instructor, Maryland Drafting Institute, Langley Park, Md. 

1971-95 –Art and Drafting teacher, Eastern High School, Washington, D.C.


2018- University of California Washington Center (UCDC) (Solo exhibition) Sept. – November

2017- Loudoun County Public Library (Ashburn, Va. (Solo exhibition), July 13-Sept. 30

       – Middle Street Gallery, Sperryville, Va. (Solo exhibition), May 12- June 18.

2016 -Road Trip: a journey through the GW collection, The The George Washington University,          

           Washington, DC. Dec.1 through Jan. 30.

-B + W, Marymount University, Arlington, Va. (Four-person group exhibition), September 2016

2015 -Arts Club of Washington, Washington, DC, (Solo exhibition) September 2015

        -Middle Street Gallery, Sperryville, Va., (Solo exhibition), September, 2015

2014 -Middle Street Gallery, Sperryville, Va. (Solo exhibition), April 2014

         -Washington Art Matters II (1940s-1980s), American U. Art Museum (Katzen Arts Cnt.), D.C,

           Jan.- Mar.

2012 -Phoenix Gallery, NYC, (One person exhibition (Oct. 31- Nov -24)

         -Phoenix Gallery, NYC, (Group Show) Feb. 29 through March 24

2011   Phoenix Gallery, NYC, (Group Show) May 25 through June

2010   Middle Street Gallery, Washington, Va. (One person exhibition).

            Katzen Art Center, American U., Washington, D.C. “Good Things come in Small Packages”

            Elisabeth French collection.

-Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, Md. (Group show).

2008 -Middle Street Gallery, Washington, Va. (One person exhibition)

         -Lord Fairfax Community College, Middletown, and Warrenton, Va. (One person exhibitions).

2006 -Middle Street Gallery, Washington, Va. (One person exhibition).

         -Katzen Art Center, American U., Washington, D.C., “Remembering Marc and Komei”, group


2004 -Sonia Zaks Gallery, Chicago, Il. , (One person exhibition).

         -Middle Street Gallery, Washington, Va. , (One person exhibition).

2003 -Gallery K, Washington, D.C. (One person exhibition).

2002 -Gallery K, Washington, D.C., group shows in June and December.

2000 -Gallery K, Washington, D.C., group shows in June and December.

1999 -Gallery K, Washington, D.C., “Drawing Show”

1998 -Maryland College of Art and Design, Silver Spring, Maryland, (two person exhibition).

         -Gallery K, Washington, D.C., “Summer Show”.

1997 -Gallery K, Washington, D.C., “Small is beautiful”.

1995 -Gallery K, (One person exhibition).

1994 -Arts Council of Fairfax County, Northern Virginia Community College,

           Annandale Campus, “Open Exhibition 1994”, Juried show, Leslie Exton,

           Juror,” Best in Show” award.          

         -Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, Virginia, “Painting 1994”, Juried show,          

           Donald Kuspit, Juror.

1993 -Gallery K, (One person exhibition).

1991 -Danville Museum of Art and History, Danville, Virginia, “Drawings-Wayne

           Paige” (One person exhibition).

         -Zaks Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, (One person exhibition).

         -Gallery K, (One person exhibition-Retrospective).

1990 -Arts Council of Richmond, “High Contrast”, Richmond International Airport,

           Richmond, Virginia, Mel Watkin, WPA, curator.

         -Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, (One person exhibition).

1989 -Chicago International Art Fair, through Zaks Gallery.

1988 -Dimock Gallery, Washington, D.C., “The George Washington University  

           Alumni Competition”, Wretha Hanson, Franz Bader Gallery, Juror, awarded.

           “Cecille R. Hunt Memorial Prize”.

         -Gallery K, (One person exhibition- drawings).

1987 -Arlington Arts Center, “Arlington Arts Center 10th Anniversary Show”.

1986 -Strathmore Hall Arts Center, Bethesda, Maryland, “Ambiguous Relationships”.

1985 -Zaks Gallery, (One person exhibition).

         -Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Hagerstown, Maryland, (One person exhibition).

1984 -Arlington Arts Center, “Annual Area-Wide Juried Painting Competition”, Holly Solomon, juror.

         -Dimock Gallery, “The George Washington University Alumni Competition”, Janet Flint, juror.

         -Gallery K, (One person exhibition).

1983 -Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Maryland, “Emergency”

         -Anderson Art Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond,

           Virginia, “Southern Fervor”.

         -Kathleen Ewing Gallery, Washington, D.C., “Love- No Hearts, No Flowers”.

1982 -Dimock Gallery, “The George Washington University Alumni Competition”,

           Jane Livingston and David Tannous, jurors.

         -Chicago International Art Fair, through Zaks Gallery.

1982 -Gallery K, (One person exhibition).

1981 -Gallery K, “Cat House”.

         -Gallery K, “New Work by Gallery Artist”.

         -Arlington Arts Center, “Juried Show”.

         -Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C.

1980 -Gallery K, “Gallery K’s Dog Show”.

         -Arlington Arts Center, “Arlington Arts Center Area Wide Juried Painting


         -Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., “Works on Paper”, juried show,

           William Lieberman, Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y., juror.

         -Artist Invitational Museum, Washington, D.C.

1979 -Arlington Arts Center, “Elements of Art: Texture”

         -Gallery K, Group showings in August and December.

1978 -Gallery K, (One person exhibition).

1977 -Gallery K, “Summer Show”.

1974 -Washington County Museum, Hagerstown, Maryland

1973 -Washington County Museum, Hagerstown, Maryland

         -Jacobs Ladder Gallery, Washington, D.C.

1972 -Washington County Museum, Hagerstown, Maryland.

         -Jacobs Ladder Gallery, Washington, D.C.



2002 – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “Teacher’s Institute in Contemporary Art,” NEA funded                 grant.

1994 -Arts Council of Fairfax County, “Open Exhibition 1994”, “Best in Show” award.

1989 -Virginia Commission on The Arts, Print and Drawing Category.

1988 -The George Washington University, “Cecille R. Hunt Award” (First Prize).


Collectors (Sampling)

       Prudential Insurance Corporation

       The George Washington University

       Western Michigan University

       Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History

       American University

       Elisabeth French Collection

       Radio One

       Gudelsky Collection

       Marymount University         



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