What was it Thinking?

Trying to absorb the repercussions of the pandemic, social upheaval, and the closing of my school became an unwelcome challenge to my sanity. Woe is Me? Not Quite. I decided to take a step back, dig a little deeper and to draw more upon personal experience. I mainly did this with nature, since being around people until recently did not seem to be a viable choice. Besides, just about every place where humans gathered was closed. More time then, as well as now, became available to observe and explore the fauna and wildlife close to where I live (Rock Creek Park). The observations were especially enlightening since I was able to observe them in their natural environment, removed from human constraints.  All of this led me towards a new direction: Anthropomorphism.

By imagining and projecting the animal’s point of view, I have created paintings of silhouette-like figures and animals inhabiting mythical landscapes of mountains, waterways, and woodlands.  Within a sun-drenched pointillistic setting, the beings can be seen flying, floating, and fleeing from an undetermined outcome. Components of mystery, spirituality, and intrigue are added for emphasis, with all taking place in a post-bucolic environment with elements of conflict, dreams, and humor sprinkled throughout.

Born and raised in Chicago and living in DC since graduate school, my career as an artist extends back to the early 1970’s and includes twenty-six solo exhibitions, numerous gallery and museum exhibitions (The Corcoran Art Gallery, The Anderson Gallery, The Katzen Arts Center).  Additional noteworthy exhibitions and awards include the “Washington Art Matters ll: 1940s – 1980s” exhibition at the American University Museum at the Katzen Center, First Prize in The Fairfax Art Council awards, First Prize in The George Washington University Alumni Competition, and a Special Recognition award from The Virginia Commission of the Arts.  Collectors include American University, The George Washington University, Marymount University, George Mason University, the Elisabeth French Collection, the Gudelsky Collection, Radio One and Prudential.  I studied at The University of Illinois (BFA Painting), The George Washington University (MFA Painting), and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (TICA). Currently, I am employed as an adjunct professor teaching Drawing at Laurel Ridge Community College in Warrenton, Virginia and reside in Washington, DC.

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